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  1. Fiat 500X International Media Drive

  2. Fiat 500X

  3. Andreas Wuppinger - Director Design Fiat explains the backround of the 500 series in German

  4. Roberto Giolito, Head of Design FCA EMEA, tells us about the design of new 500X

  5. At Paris Motor Show 2014 not only 500x, but also the new collection “500 Couture”

  6. At Paris Motor Show 2014 Antonio Massacesi, 500 Family Product Marketing Director EMEA, presents the new Fiat 500X

  7. Fiat auf der Paris Motorshow 2014

    The video of the Fiat press conference held at the Paris International Motor Show 2014 is available. The Fiat 500X was unveiled on the first international press day through a captivating reveal conceived and produced by Fiat together with Ron Arad, one of the world’s most influential designers.
  8. “500 Couture”: Fiat presented the next frontier of exclusive customisation

  9. “500 Couture”: Fiat presents the next frontier of exclusive customisation

    Fiat presents “500 Couture”, the next frontier of exclusive customisation, at the MotorVillage Rond-Point des Champs-Elysées this evening in Paris for Fashion Week.    Star of the event will be the iconic Fiat 500 which boasts a natural flair for customisation, just like in the world of fashion. This is the context of the new “500 Ron Arad Edition”, the latest take on the concept of Italian high-end tailo...
  10. Freemont Cross

    Feisty and distinctive look for the new outdoor version: completing the “all the cars you want” concept that characterises the Freemont model. New front and rear bumpers, “Platinum Chrome” colour finish details, black frames for the front and rear light clusters, 19" burnished Hyper Black five-spoke alloy wheels. 8.4" Uconnect touchscreen navigator, new black leather seats with sports mesh fabric inserts and ...
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